October 14, 2006

Though I have been lacking in my posts lately, its because I’m getting ready to launch what is now called as “Speakeasy”. I will still be posting on this blog but here’s another place to check out if you’re interested on the shit I post here. Go to the Speakeasy blog.



Fujitsu unveiled a laptop that has a huge touchwheel on top that lets the notebook function as a digital turntable. It’ll also connect wirelessly to an iPod for its music.
However, don’t expect to see this on any market anytime soon. Fujitsu released it as a concept/prototype piece. I’d be really interesting to see how it would work though.

Nike Japan Commerical

October 7, 2006

Definitely unexpected and funny. Check it out.

Simple, preppy yet still cool kicks for the fall season. Sure beats your regular chucks.

PF Flyers
$55 (CDN)

John Varavatos
$104.50 (CDN)


I’ve looked at many city guides before I go on trips and the reason why I don’t purchase any of them is because I can’t seem to find the right things in one book. Lonely Planet has a good section on travel advice while Fodor’s has a great restaurant guide. I need something design-conscious. Phaidon *Wallpaper City Guides seem to be the perfect answer if I ever need to travel to a city I’ve never been to. I always loved the city guides in *Wallpaper magazine. The city guide provides must-see places to go, best places to stay, what to do in 24 hours, urban life, architecture and of course shopping. If you like Wallpaper, these city guides are a must for the next trip to a metropolitan.

Available October 2006 – Amsterdam, Bangkok, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, Istanbul, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Mexico City, Milan, New York, Paris, Rio De Janeiro, Rome, Shanghai, Singapore, Stockholm, Sydney and Tokyo.

Available April 2007 – Athens, Basel, Beijing, Berlin, Bilbao, Cape Town, Dubai, Havana, Hong Kong, Lisbon, Marrakech, Miami, Mumbai, Prague, St. Petersburg, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Tel Aviv, Toronto (YES! We’re not left out!) and Vienna.

Only $12 CDN each.



Wow, I know it’s been a while since I blogged. Partly because I’ve been busy but mainly because not much out there that I thought was interesting. THIS IS INTERESTING! I was browsing through several blogs (my daily routine) and stopped over at Supertouch (a great art/lifestyle blog). It seems that the great Frank Genry has come up with another masterpiece. BEAUTIFUL. Unlike his ever so shitty and conservative renovation of Toronto’s Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), his West Paris’ Louis Vutton Foundation for Creation is truly, just TRULY spectular. His “cloud made up of glass” structure will hold art collections, exhibits and other functions for the French luxury goods company LVMH Moët Hennessy. The structure will be completed around 2009, 2010 and will cost an estimated 127 million.

To be honest, 127 million doesn’t seem like that much for something that will definitely become a future landmark for the city. It’s amazing what Gehry (the celebritect) can still create even after building so many landmarks already. Which begs the question why Gehry’s design for the AGO is so crappy? Perhaps he’s still bitter about his time in Toronto (being a Torontoian). Anyways, hopefully I will be alive to see the day which Toronto will hold such structures such as this.

Information/Photo VIA Supertouch

Been Busy

October 2, 2006

Sorry, I will update ASAP. Been busy trying to update my portfolio in hopes to find a job. If anyones looking for a graphic designer or any new media related job, PLEASE contact me. 🙂

The Pack – Vans

September 18, 2006

You gotta take it for what it is. A corporate creation. Welcome to the world we live in. It sucks I know but you must admit, the beat is pretty damn catchy.

Just finished watching Jean-Luc Godard’s 1960 film, Breathless. It’s one of Godard’s best films and a very intergal part starting the whole French New Wave film scene which influenced so many filmmakers. In my opinion, it wasn’t as entertaining as my favorite Godard movie, Alphaville. There wasn’t much plot to the film and must admit I fell asleep twice just trying to watch the movie but for its amazing cinematography, its style, its dialogue and the fact that its a Godard movie, its definitely worth checking out.

Here are some screens from the movie which started the French New Wave scene:

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They On Award Tour…

September 13, 2006


…well not really…its more of a tease but we should be thankful A Tribe Called Quest is back (somewhat) and touring again. They’re in the middle of the 2K Sports Bounce Tour. They will be performing in Toronto on September 17th at Kool Haus. Unfortunately, I just found out now and unable to get tickets. 😦 Hopefully a full reunion will occur and a much anticipated comeback album will come out of it. One can pray. I mean someone has to save hip hop right?