Chappelle Come Back!

June 8, 2006

You MUST watch this!

I was listening to his stand up on the way to work. "For What It's Worth" is by far his best material to date. I've listened to this at least 3, 4 times and still cracks the shit out of me. I forgot how funny the guy is. I swear I was smirking the whole trip to work. Of course the people on the MTR were giving me weird looks.

"White people drink grape juice. Ya'll didn't know I knew about grape juice didja? Black people have grape drink. You know that Sunny Delight commercial where all those kids look in the fridge and they all look and go YAY SUNNY D but the black kid's like "Hey, I want some of that purple stuff." That's grape drink. That's the ingredients, sugar, water, PURPLE. Go over to your white friend's house, Todd, can I interest you in a glass of grape juice?" "What?! What the fuck is juice? I want some grape drink baby. Mmm its purple." "I dunno what grape drink is." "What?!" "I have some apple juice if…" "Nigga what the fuck is juice!! I want some apple drink!! Its green!!"" (Chappelle, For What It's Worth, 2005)

Haiii…its a shame Comedy Central and Chappelle can't just get along and work things out. Oh well. Fortunately for us fans, Comedy Central will be releasing a couple of episodes sometime mid summer which were supposed to be part of season 3. Good ol' Charlie Murphy will be hosting them.


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