Art Of Hysteric – Wheres the art?!

June 11, 2006

Here are some pictures of the 'Art Of Hysteric' exhibit in the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre. I must say it was quite disappointing. Although, there wasn't much that could change my mind with the whole experience after walking through Hong Kong Park in the rain for 1/2 hour. I wasn't expecting much from the exhibit but it was awfully awfully small. I know it was free but it only took me 10 mins before I found myself walking out the door. There wasn't much I missed that I couldn't see from the brochure. Though I saw some nice pieces from Stash & Ariel, Mike Giant and Tatsunoho Baby (which btw i must say did a great job on that fucking hot ass girl) but overall, it wasn't particularly worth going to. Hysteric Glamour is seen as a street, urban label and to see their exhibit burrowed all the way in Hong Kong Park didn't seem appropriate. It definitely would have worked better in a small art gallery in the SoHo district of Central or in Causeway Bay. Nevertheless, enjoy the photos!









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