Theme Hotels are the new Boutique Hotels

June 22, 2006

Rooms of Hotel Du Petit Moulin in Paris

If you're in a big metropolitan, boutique hotels are the best places to stay when it comes to hotels that are stylish and affordable. But boutique hotels has been over done and over done, people are looking for something new. Even the legendary Ian Schrager, one of the pioneers who started the trendy boutique hotel idea, mentioned boutique hotels (otherwise known as 'cheap chic' hotels) were over with. Although he went into a different direction with his Gramercy Park Hotel project, many have tapped into the art world to create a new breed of hotels. Art themed hotels have been popping all around Europe particularly France, England and Spain. The concept allows different artists and interior designers to work together and design each individual room. This provides guests to have a different experience from the people in the next room. It's definitely fresh, unconventional and kinda neat to pick an unique room to your own liking. I don't know how successful these hotels will become but these hotels are an experience onto itself especially when boutique hotels have become generic. Check out some of these themed hotels (Be sure to check out Jean Nouvel's contribution to Hotel Puerta America – simple amazing):

Hotel Du Petit Moulin – Paris Hotel Pelirocco – UK Hotel Puerta America – Madrid


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