The Smoke Doll

July 12, 2006

The Smoke doll by Maikinee helps to decrease the amount of cigarette smoke that children are being exposed to.

Smoke is a doll whose physical breathing behaviour is depending on the amount of passive smoke it is exposed to. When it gets to the child, it reacts to the child’s touch and breathes very calm, regular and normal.

When being exposed to passive smoke, the smoke doll starts breathing by itself and gets more and more excited about inhaling the cigarette smoke. Over time though, the inhaled smoke destroys the doll’s breathing until it becomes irregularily, coughing and finally ceases simultaniously with the appearence of real nicotine stains on it’s outside.
The parents’ realization that they are about to destroy the child’s toy and that their smoking habits and consideration for the childs health are going to be visible to their social surroundings by an either healthy or sick doll will help to make the parents think about their smoking behaviour around their children.

It gains access to the parents home as an “innocent” object and gives the child a way to document and monitor the parents habits around them with the means of a physically visible object.

The doll takes the parents consideration for the child’s health out of the parental home and makes this socially visible. For the parents, it is a lasting visual sign and accusing reminder of how much the child’s health is affected by passive smoke.


Daniel Goddemeyer also developed a doll called “Heart” that collects and stores heartbeats as memories of special experiences or people as well as “Talk” which monitors and helps to improve the communication between child and parents. Great innovative work from the Royal College of Art graduate.


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