The Pack – Vans

September 18, 2006

You gotta take it for what it is. A corporate creation. Welcome to the world we live in. It sucks I know but you must admit, the beat is pretty damn catchy.


6 Responses to “The Pack – Vans”

  1. your big sis who hasnt got the time to call and chat.... Says:

    is that a commercial? And the song, where is it originally from?? I recognize it from something i heard…on the radio? (not sure, considering im very much out of the loop lately)

  2. Jonathan Ng Says:

    dont think its on the radio. it got banned from mtv citing it was too commercial for them (how ironic)…but u might have heard of it but it sounds like a couple of songs out there right now.

  3. Your Big Sister Says:

    no seriously i have heard this song many many times. In fact…it might be on my itunes library….

  4. Jonathan Ng Says:

    hhaha i guess so..ive never heard of it until recently

  5. Robert Says:

    yoyoyo this song kicks ass!! yo hit me on myspace!!

  6. bryce Says:

    it was in “stomp the yard”

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