PF Flyers & John Varvatos Sneakers

October 4, 2006

Simple, preppy yet still cool kicks for the fall season. Sure beats your regular chucks.

PF Flyers
$55 (CDN)

John Varavatos
$104.50 (CDN)


6 Responses to “PF Flyers & John Varvatos Sneakers”

  1. goldcoaster Says:

    I like the low ones. Know where to get them in Australia (or online and ship to Aust)?

  2. Jonathan Ng Says:

    you know what, i have no idea but i’ll check around. hopefully i’ll find some info for you.

  3. I think Nike’s are going to the retro look now for the more casual crowd. Their athletic line is ugly, but I like the retro looking ones.

  4. BC Says:

    Where can you find those PF Flyers, i gotta to have them.

  5. bf Says:

    i like but iz dere any otha colors

  6. alontae leblanc Says:

    dem pf flyerz hittin my nigga

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