Fujitsu Notebook x Turntable ???

October 13, 2006


Fujitsu unveiled a laptop that has a huge touchwheel on top that lets the notebook function as a digital turntable. It’ll also connect wirelessly to an iPod for its music.
However, don’t expect to see this on any market anytime soon. Fujitsu released it as a concept/prototype piece. I’d be really interesting to see how it would work though.


3 Responses to “Fujitsu Notebook x Turntable ???”

  1. fatfingur Says:

    wow! that is totally amazing!

  2. kugey Says:

    Holy smoke, Batman! That is truly awesome!

  3. Jonathan Ng Says:

    Yeah i totally agree ..too bad we probably won’t see anything like this in a while.

    – Jon

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