The photography of Weegee reminded me a lot of Boogie’s photography. To me, Boogie’s work now is what Weegee’s work was back then. Vividly capturing the underground world of drugs, gangs and street culture in New York, Boogie’s eye of photography is flawless as his photos describe the hard life of the ghettos, particularly Harlem, Brooklyn as well as some photos from Brazil.

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Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I’m still hungover from Friday night. I barely went to work on Saturday and I didn’t want the weekend to be a complete waste so I headed to the library on Sunday to do some research for a project which I won’t describe just yet. (Keeping it “hush-hush” for now 😉 )

While rummaging through photography books and catalogues, I managed to find interesting photography from a great photographer named Arthur Fellig. Arthur Fellig, otherwise known as Weegee, contributed images of murder, mayhem, and drama to New York’s press through the 1930’s and 40’s. Weegee derived his name from the phonetic spelling of Ouija, claiming that psychic powers enabled him to be the first at crime scenes, fires, etc.

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Here are some pics from last week’s Summer Sourcing Show for Gifts, Toys and Household Products at Hong Kong Convention Centre. Read the rest of this entry »


Visually I think its amazing. But this just screams racism. I don’t think theres another way to look at it. Tsk Tsk on you, Sony. I’d like to see how they explain themselves.

Macau Redux

June 26, 2006


Hardly getting any sleep during the weekend and with a mild case of heat stroke, I still managed to take a couple of photos with my camera. Click here to take a look at some of my photos.

To TurboJet Express Ferry Service: if you want your passengers to not freak out on the ferry, maybe its wise NOT to play the FULL trailer to 'Poseidon'. They don't have to show it twice, going to and from Macau. I know they're selling advertising space but some things just aren't appropriate. You're not gonna see 'United 93' on a plane I'll tell you that.

His photography portfolio, Hope & Fear, speaks for itself. Theyre so weird, eerie and oddly enough, elegant.