Nike Japan Commerical

October 7, 2006

Definitely unexpected and funny. Check it out.


Simple, preppy yet still cool kicks for the fall season. Sure beats your regular chucks.

PF Flyers
$55 (CDN)

John Varavatos
$104.50 (CDN)

The worldwide launch date is set to be the same as the 2006 World Cup final, July 9th. The home version (black) is available only at Neighborhood Flagship Store in Japan while the away version (white) will be available at adidas Original Shops in Japan & Berlin, Foot-Patrol in London, Dave’s Quality Meat in New York, Colette in Paris, and _______ in Hong Kong.

You know what, I’m not gonna tell you where you can get it in Hong Kong. Ha! If their stock is very limited , I’m not gonna take the risk by telling a couple more people who might get their hands on it before me just in case I choose to buy them.

But I won’t be mean. If you wanna find out, you’re gonna have to work for it…information & photos are at Hypebeast

Fuck the Nike Dunks, Fuck the SBs, Fuck the air force ones and definitely fuck those Bapestas. You better be tired of those Bapestas. Check out these shoes by Creative Recreation, Jhung Yuro and Common Projects. If you're like me, you need an everyday pair thats respectable/casual and fit for the occasion if you happen to be at work or having a meal at a nice restaurant but you definitely dont want a pair thats too formal. I think these brands fit a nice medium. These brands have been popping up here and there (via Hypebeast, etc) but haven't fully hit the mainstream. Get'em before they do.

Cr8tive Recreation

Creative Recreation was offically launched in Orange County, California in the fall of 2002. Creative Recreation was set out to fill the void of offering footwear to young professionals with style. By sampling the best aspectsfrom other footwear categories they have incorporated the comfort of an athletic sneaker combined with the materialization of a dress shoe to create the ultimate crossbreed.

Jhung Yuro

Jhung Yuro is a luxury lifestyle brand that yields detail, quality hand craftsmanship and limited availability in the marketplace with it's products.

Common Projects

Common Projects has quickly built a cult following among style-conscious Dunk objectors who put a premium on luxurious yet subtle basics. Modeled on vintage German military trainers, these exquisitely shaped leather-and-suede high-tops are a step above anything else out there.