Simple, preppy yet still cool kicks for the fall season. Sure beats your regular chucks.

PF Flyers
$55 (CDN)

John Varavatos
$104.50 (CDN)


Just finished watching Jean-Luc Godard’s 1960 film, Breathless. It’s one of Godard’s best films and a very intergal part starting the whole French New Wave film scene which influenced so many filmmakers. In my opinion, it wasn’t as entertaining as my favorite Godard movie, Alphaville. There wasn’t much plot to the film and must admit I fell asleep twice just trying to watch the movie but for its amazing cinematography, its style, its dialogue and the fact that its a Godard movie, its definitely worth checking out.

Here are some screens from the movie which started the French New Wave scene:

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September 13, 2006


Portfolio of designer David Torres. Check it out. Very cool shit.

Krug Vintage 1995

September 12, 2006


Le Pimp.

LED Wallpaper by Ingo Maurer

September 10, 2006


Designed by Indo Maurer, this light designer provides a new take on the wallpaper. Very innovative and “new media” if you ask me.

Via Gizmodo

96 Hours

September 10, 2006


96 Hours is the end result of the collaboration from Puma and designer Neil Barrett. The collection is urban, smart and meant for the style conscious on-the-go traveler/urbanite. I’d write more about it but you might as well read the philosophy of the brand Y-3. Because it’s LITERALLY Puma’s answer to their head rival Adidas and their collaberation project with Yohji Yamamoto, Y-3.

96 Hours is available via retailers in various cities. Unfortunately not available (suprised?) in Canada yet.

My Rayban Wayfarers

August 26, 2006


The nerd gets nerdier.

Whatever, I think they’re kinda cool and I love how vintage and old fashion they are? Was it not James Dean who put the Wayfarers by Rayban on the map? I mean if he can look cool in them, why can’t I?

……k, dont answer that.

Oh, by the way, please don’t laugh when you see me sporting them.


August 24, 2006


Walking aimlessly on the streets of Shanghai, I must have spotted at least 3 or 4 Shirtflag stores. Shirtflag provides graphics and designs which take a retrospective look at Chinese propaganda art and mixes it with modern cultural icons and pop culture references (basically satirizes the Maoist era of China). Reminds me a lot of the store, Fill in the _____s store in Central, Hong Kong. Kind of suprised to see a store like this in mainland China but more power to them! Their products include their ever popular t-shirt designs, bags, buttons as well as stationary. The brand Shirtflag is very popular in Shanghai. Currently there are 6 Shirtflag stores in the greater area of Shanghai. Don’t be suprised if you see any of these stores expanding into cities like Beijing or Hong Kong. Apparently, their clothing will soon be available in Europe as retailers in the continent are ready to market their clothing. Click below to see some of the designs.

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Bar Rouge, Shanghai

August 23, 2006


Bar Rouge is one of the hottest spots in Shanghai. Right smack in the historic Bund district in Shanghai. Its chic, its classy, its elegent. The musics banging and so are the women. Ah, the women..if only I wasn’t short..damn genetics..haha. The design of the place and the interiors are second to none. It’s layout is terrific in terms of sitting, lounging and if you’re in the mood, theres plenty of room to dance. The crowds mainly in the range of late 20s to middle aged 50 (felt kinda out of place) but regardless of how old you are, it’s still one of the coolest places to grab a drink in Shanghai. Suprisingly, drinks aren’t quite that expensive as I thought. I believe a beer was only 50 rmb. Be sure to check out if you’re in Shanghai. The view of the Pudong skyline from patio area is priceless.

For more photos (only managed to take 2 good photos), follow the link below:
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Comme Des Garçons Guerrilla Store
– Back Exit of Unit 11, G/F 18 Ka Yip Street, Chai Wan, Hong Kong
(Really lovin the black Ferrari 612 in the front of the store. #3 on my list of cars I’ll buy when i become fucking rich. #1 being the F430 Ferrari and #2 being the Rolls Royce Phantom)

Undercover Concept Store
Unit 11, G/F 18 Ka Yip Street, Chai Wan, Hong Kong

Well theres only 2 that I know of. Unless you have a car and got fuck all to do on a Saturday afternoon, I suggest you go to the guerrilla/concept stores of Comme Des Garçons and Undercover in Chai Wan, Hong Kong. If you’re taking the MTR, it’ll roughly take a 20-30 min walk from the Chai Wan station. I expected it to be worth the walk but having to walk in the summer heat in Hong Kong ended up to be a bad idea. Why they put it in Chai Wan in the first place, I have no fucking clue. The only reason why I wanted to go there is to gather some ideas and because I was looking for actual Comme Des Garçons clothing (which is non existent in Hong Kong and I’m not looking for the ‘Play‘ t-shirts everyone seems to wear in HK).

The stores are located on the West end of Chai Wan, particularly on Ka Yip street which is mainly occuiped by service gargages and industrial companies. It’s extremely out of place and very easy to miss so patience is key when visiting the two discreet stores.

Comme Des Garçons Guerrilla Store is well decorated and uniquely designed. Various colours, missing large sections in their hard wood floors and several wallpapers decorated the Guerrilla store. It’s definitely a concept store. It’s pretty cool. Definitely exceeds what expected. Although I was frankly disappointed. There wasn’t as much products as I expected from the store. Expected more products especially when people who purposely go to Chai Wan just for their store.

Undercover was even more disappointing. The store consists of 1 large room which is similar to an old Gothic European hall with its dark wood and surrounding brick wall. However, they had the amount of merchandise one would see in a small boutique store. Very limited number of products/clothing.

Overall, I felt cheated after leaving both the stores. One question comes to mind. How do these stores survive in the middle of nowhere?.. I guess theyre just wealthy companies just finding ways to blow the money? My theory but high-end, high-quality concept stores can’t seem to survive in the heavy industrial district that is Chai Wan.

Sorry I attempted to take photos inside the 2 stores but as you can tell from the first photo, security (or rather their employees) seemed relaly tight about that sorta thing.