Wow, I know it’s been a while since I blogged. Partly because I’ve been busy but mainly because not much out there that I thought was interesting. THIS IS INTERESTING! I was browsing through several blogs (my daily routine) and stopped over at Supertouch (a great art/lifestyle blog). It seems that the great Frank Genry has come up with another masterpiece. BEAUTIFUL. Unlike his ever so shitty and conservative renovation of Toronto’s Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), his West Paris’ Louis Vutton Foundation for Creation is truly, just TRULY spectular. His “cloud made up of glass” structure will hold art collections, exhibits and other functions for the French luxury goods company LVMH Moët Hennessy. The structure will be completed around 2009, 2010 and will cost an estimated 127 million.

To be honest, 127 million doesn’t seem like that much for something that will definitely become a future landmark for the city. It’s amazing what Gehry (the celebritect) can still create even after building so many landmarks already. Which begs the question why Gehry’s design for the AGO is so crappy? Perhaps he’s still bitter about his time in Toronto (being a Torontoian). Anyways, hopefully I will be alive to see the day which Toronto will hold such structures such as this.

Information/Photo VIA Supertouch



Being from my hometown of Markham, the reason why I hated the town was because everything was so spread out. Unless you wanted to walk for 1/2 hour, it was mandatory to have a car if I wanted to go buying something from a store or if I wanted to watch a movie at the theatre. With all the big corporate offices like Apple and IBM residing their headquarters there, I wasn’t suprised that money and development was invested there. But I didn’t expect anything like this. Downtown Markham will be 243 acres of land between the lines of Highway 407 and the Rouge River and extends from Warden Avenue on the west to the GO Transit rail line and the Unionville GO Station on the east. The developer, The Remington Group, proposes an urban feel in a suburban town. So this means, closer proximity in terms of residential, commercial and retail sites would be side by side, all inter-mingled together. From how the renders look, 1- Downtown Markham would have an European feel (ironically, everyone will mostly be of Asian decent) and 2- a sense of community, something that seems to be missing in EVERY Toronto suburban town. Shops, restaurants, cafés, theatres, cinemas, bars, nightclubs and a 10 acre community park all in walking distance (and I mean at most a 5 minute walk) from your house or apartment condo.

I must admit, I am impressed. It looks terrific. If it’s done correctly and if the actual community look like the renders shown, this could be very successful. You can be sure many new towns would look to Downtown Markham as a template of how a real town should feel or look like. Hell, if it looks anything like this, I might move back home and buy a place whenever this will get done. Knowing Canadian construction, I’d say 40-50 years?! Ha.

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